Alejandro Javaloyas 

b. 1987 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Lives and works in Toulouse, France


2023 - 5th Cohort of the VCA Residency, online

2022 - Turps Correspondence Mentorship Course, by Turps Banana, online

2022 - Abstract Painting Mentorship Program with Ty Nathan Clark, online

2011 - MA in Filmmaking (Summa Cum Laude), University of Barcelona & ESCAC Barcelona Film School, Barcelona, Spain

2009 - BA in Fine Arts (Summa Cum Laude), University of Barcelona, Spain


2023 - "Floating Matter", curated by Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta, at Casal de Cultura Can Gelabert, Mallorca, Spain

2022 - "Social Anxiety" on Exchange/Oncyber (online)

2021  - "Con Ziritione" at Uco Space, Mallorca, Spain


2023 - "ART MATTERS 8" at Gallery Biesenbach, Cologne, Germany 

2023 - "Incorporalis: The Abstract Exhibit" curated by SuperChief Gallery at NFT Rome 2023, Italy

2023 - "Catharsis" curated by Julien Delagrange for CAI Gallery (online)

2023 - "Digital Abstract Expressionism" curated by SkyGolpe for FakeWhale (online)

2023 - "Proof of People x Refraction" curated by Micol Ap during NFT-NYC 2023 at Zero Space in NYC, USA

2023 - "VCA Residency 5th Cohort" curated by Micol Ap for objkt (online)

2023 - "From Thought to Form" curated by Flannel Collective for Foundation (online)

2022 - "Superchief Gallery x NEO SHIBUYA TV: The Bastards", in Shibuya, Japan

2022 - "Collider: Exploring the intersection between digital and physical abstraction", curated by Richard Chappelow for SuperRare (online)

2022 - "The Bastards - Post and Experimental Photography on the Tezos Blockchain" curated by Kika Nicolela at Superchief Gallery in Los Angeles, USA

2022 - "Futr Artists" curated by Lorenzo Ruggiero at NFT Show Europe in Valencia, Spain

2022 - "House of Abstract" curated by Alisha Anglin, Mel Shapcott and Lesley Grainger, on Voxels (online)

2022 - "NFT Gallery" curated by Haley Karren and Exchange Art, at Solana HH Paris, France

2022 - "Ephemeral / Eternal" at PXP Contemporary, curated By Alicia Puig (online)

2022 - "ART MATTERS 5" at Gallery Biesenbach, Cologne, Germany 

2021 - "100 unter 1000" at Galerie Schindler LAB in Postdam, Berlin, Germany

2021 - "Visibility & Remembrance: Standing with the Trans* Community", hosted by the University of South Florida Department of Women’s & Gender Studies (online)


2021 - “Suceden Tardes,” (Ed. Sloper), by Marcos Augusto, book cover

2021 - “Cool,” by New Body Electric, album cover

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