Alejandro Javaloyas (b. 1987, Palma de Mallorca, Spain) is an artist based in Toulouse, France, with a distinguished educational background in filmmaking, holding both a BA and an MA (Summa Cum Laude) from the ESCAC Barcelona Film School (University of Barcelona). He further honed his artistic skills at the Turps Correspondence Mentorship Course in London, UK, in 2022.

In his minimalist abstract art, Javaloyas reimagines the painting surface by transforming veneered plywood into convex shapes through press-bending, cutting, drilling, and polishing. This process reshapes the canvas into an arch, resembling a segment of an incomplete circle. In fact, this circular motif recurs as a painterly element in his work, appearing as dots, circles, spheres, or holes. These engage in a dialogue with the materiality of plywood, exploring the tension between form and shape, figure and ground, positive and negative space, object and wall. His exploration delves into the philosophical, aesthetic, and art historical significances of the sphere as a geometric element, a symbol, and a habitable space, inviting viewers to ponder its broader existential and sociological implications.

Alejandro Javaloyas has exhibited his abstract work in notable exhibitions, including "Floating Matter," his most recent solo show curated by Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta at Can Gelabert in Mallorca, Spain (2023), and participated in group shows like "Debut :: Inaugural Open" at &Gallery in Edinburgh, UK (2024), "ART MATTERS 8" at Gallery Biesenbach in Cologne, Germany (2023), and "Catharsis," curated by Julien Delagrange at CAI Gallery in Harelbeke, Belgium (2023).

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