Crafting Atmospheres of Absence, Emptiness, and Silence

My practice delves deeply into the intricate nuances of absence, emptiness, and silence. Much like in music, where the intervals of nothingness between notes become powerful conduits for dramatic tension and resonance, my art accentuates the spaces in between—the atmosphere, the edges, the unseen, the off-field. This philosophy aligns with the tintinnabuli creative approach by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, where the interplay of silence and simplicity births a realm of space, clarity, and undiluted tones. For me, feel, tone, and mood transcend mere elements; they define the core of my creations.

Recurring motifs punctuate my work: floating matter, levitating spheres, hovering rocks, and enigmatic circles. These symbols, reminiscent of cosmic wonders and distant planetary surfaces, anchor the viewer in a universe where the known converges with the mysterious, the eery, the uncanny.

A tapestry of diverse inspirations informs my vision. My environment, particularly other artistic expressions, profoundly shapes my perspective. Filmmakers like Antonioni, Tarkovski, Lynch, and Haneke, celebrated for their unorthodox narrative and atmospheric density, have significantly influenced my approach. Musicians such as Arvo Pärt, Björk, Radiohead, and Ólafur Arnalds, with their ethereal yet deep compositions, deeply resonate with my artistic ethos. In the realm of painting, luminaries like Jaromír Novotný, Otis Jones, Ron Gorchov, and Fernando Zóbel guide my exploration into silence, minimalism, and mysticism.

My artistic endeavors traverse three distinct yet interconnected domains.

- In post-abstraction, I partake in a dialogue inspired by Spanish Informalism and French Tachisme, repurposing found objects, books, and aged canvases through various techniques, from doodling and painting to airbrushing and screenprinting.

- In ultra-photography, I leverage cutting-edge AI technology to produce images that challenge conventional photographic paradigms. These images, UV-printed onto photographic or Polaroid paper, question traditional notions of authenticity and the photographic medium understood as evidence.

- Lastly, in sculpture, I breathe new life into forgotten, discarded objects, unveiling their poetic potential. Through my sculptural works, I delve into concepts of lightness, equilibrium, and balance, transforming the mundane into the profound and giving discarded materials a renewed sense of beauty.

The foundation of my work lies in the unpredictable nature of abstraction, where unexpected outcomes and uncontrolled material accidents often lead to profound results. Embracing the idea that chance can often produce more compelling outcomes than deliberate intent is both humbling and essential to my practice. In a parallel vein, my integration of CLIP models—prompt-to-image AI software—introduces a similar element of unpredictability. These tools, with their inherent uncertainty, take the reins, proposing images autonomously. My role then transforms: rather than creating, I curate, selecting what resonates and discarding what doesn't. This synergy between the spontaneous nature of abstraction and the AI-driven creative process defines my unique artistic approach.

In essence, my art beckons viewers on a journey—a voyage where questions hold greater value than answers. I strive to create atmospheric, eery, and contemplative pieces that invite interpretation. As painter Ian McKeever astutely observed, “Good paintings don’t provide answers... A painting that reveals all has lost its essence.” Through my creations, I seek to kindle a sense of wonder, curiosity, and introspection.

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